Fundraising and Event Vendors


Fundraiser Tastings

Are you looking for additional ways to generate revenue for your Non-profit Organization? or your Favorite Cause?
Include viaONEHOPE - More Than A Bottle in your next fundraising efforts and raise even more for your cause.

  • ​10% of Purchases from our Event Exclusive items go directly to the 501(c)3 of your choice.
  • ​Let's make an impact for your organization!


Online Fundraisers

Would you like to host an online fundraiser for your favorite 501(c)3?   What a great way to involve your family,  friends and community with a Fun, Easy and Profitable fundraiser!

  • 10% of Purchases from our Event Exclusive items go directly to the 501(c)3 of your choice.
  • We set up a custom webpage for your fundraiser at NO COST to you!
  • We send custom email invites to your guest list to invite them to your event!


Invite us to be an Event Vendor

Do you have a current event that you would like a ViaOneHope booth set up at?  We have several booth ideas to help you raise extra money for your cause!

  • Blind Wine Grab- One Hope Wine Fundraiser Have a sponsor cover the event exclusive low price for the wines and charge for participants to blindly pick in hopes of getting a favorite! We will provide sponsor signage.  No Sponsor? No problem, you can purchase the wines at the low price and you make the difference!
  • CORK GRAB!- One Hope Wine Fundraiser Super fun game for after your event!  Purchase our wine (or have a sponsor) and pay a set price to grab a cork.  Every cork is numbered on the bottom.  You win the wine that corresponds with that cork!
  • Wine Poker! Everyone donates to play the game.  Deal out a deck of cards.  Your wine prize corresponds with the card you were dealt!  We supply the wine, bags, cards and signage!
  • Just to name a few!

 NOTE: At this time, wine tasting parties are currently only available in Southern California Counties of:  Riverside, San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles. 

Corporate Wine Events


Corporate Gifting


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