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Eddie K. Wright is the #1 Amazon Bestselling author of his Gangster Turned Guru Presents series.  Eddie began writing spiritual self-help books based on his experiences while guiding others on their path in developing a real relationship with God.

While serving his sentence, Eddie has become a fitness trainer and Yoga instructor.  Recently he earned his Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and continues assisting others to awaken to the spiritual essence of who they truly are.




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In an effort to keep his series diversified and inspirational, you can look forward to these expectant releases:

  • Parenting From Prison
  • The Law of One
  • Gods Operating System

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Eddie K. Wright's Gangster Turned Guru Presents Series

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Voice for the Silent Fathers: A Memoir

  • Paperback $20

The premier release of the Gangster Turned Guru Presents series is Author, Eddie K. Wright's memoir detailing my controversial experience of being the young father of a son who would grow up to be the gayest man on the planet! His “NO SON OF MINE!!” street gangster mentality evolves during his difficult life journey coming to realize that his responsibility as a loving father didn’t change just because his son is gay.  


#VoiceForTheSilentFathers T-Shirt

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A Day in the Life with Coffee and Paradise

  • Paperback $10

An introduction to my new series of self-help books that will touch on multiple topics including but not limited to, parenting, relationships, health and well being, cookbooks, physical fitness, Universal laws and Principals.  


Evolution of a Gangster Turned Guru : Coming 2019

  • Pre-Order Paperback $15

The evolution of a Gangster Turned Guru, gives vivid details based on my process of spiritual transformation.Join me on my search for truth with how this life thing works. I connected the dots by realizing that everything I was searching for outside of myself, already resides within.That sounds good intellectually, but for true understanding, the experience is what solidifies ones conviction.So I express my experience from being a reputed gangster that resulted in a 45 year federal sentence, to searching for a higher meaning and purpose with life. But with a 45 year sentence...change for what, right? I felt like that, but regardless of your life condition or situation, it's never to late to change. Once that desire is in your heart, the Universal laws and principals will act on your behalf, awakening you to the essence of who you truly are, with a self-knowingness of your unity with the whole of all that is...GOD.Listen, I'm still shocked at times, hearing myself speak or writing spiritually about the love and laws of God, teaching Yoga, meditating and being trusted to give guidance on different aspects of life. I mean, I was the master of bad decision making for decades, so I've earned my PHD on what not to do. But for over 13 years, I've lived an illuminated, renewed life, and continue to do so. The Evolution of a Gangster Turned Guru, is my story of spiritual transformation and self-redemption. I've assisted others in their pursuit to find eternal peace and happiness in an environment that most consider hell on earth. Enshrined in each chapter are universal insights that discuss the force of our thoughts, words, and actions, the importance of accepting responsibility to strengthen the control of our lives, and the limitless power accessible to us all from an unconditional loving God. Filled with spiritual life jewels, The Evolution of a Gangster Turned Guru, will assist in awakening the true Guru that resides within you!  


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