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Eddie K. Wright's Gangster Turned Guru Presents Series

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Voice for the Silent Fathers: A Memoir

  • Paperback $20

The premier release of the Gangster Turned Guru Presents series is Author, Eddie K. Wright's memoir detailing my controversial experience of being the young father of a son who would grow up to be the gayest man on the planet! His “NO SON OF MINE!!” street gangster mentality evolves during his difficult life journey coming to realize that his responsibility as a loving father didn’t change just because his son is gay.  

#VoiceForTheSilentFathers T-Shirt

  • T-Shirt Only:  $20
  • Small - XXX-Large Available

A Day in the Life with Coffee and Paradise

  • Paperback $10

An introduction to my new series of self-help books that will touch on multiple topics including but not limited to, parenting, relationships, health and well being, cookbooks, physical fitness, Universal laws and Principals.  

Whitening Toothpaste $25 a Tube

Hey there... Thanks for stopping by!

I'm not going to spend too much time trying to convince you to try this amazing whitening toothpaste because I truly believe... The proof is in MY smile!  

Yes that's me and my smile and yes... Those are my teeth pictured below!  No filters!  No special lighting and no photo-shopping!  

I started to see the difference in less than a week!

Why did I try it?

I'm a coffee drinker and knew that over the years I had stained my teeth with my daily addiction.  I've tried other whitening strips, gels and pastes but never finished a treatment because of sensitivity (and lack of quick results).  Once I saw a friends before and after photos, I wanted to see what it could do for me!

Why should YOU try it?

  • No Bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • No Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Gentle for sensitive teeth 
  • Safe for Children
  • Amazing for coffee, wine & nicotine stains. 
  • Way less money than whitening strips and trays. 
  • Helps teeth feel clean and provides 24-hour anti-plaque protection
  • This patented formula contains a gentle mineral derivative that helps to remove build up! 

MY Before and Afters. No filters & no special lighting!

Day 1!

I was as skeptical as you but I trusted the friend who introduced me to this product!

Week 3!

I was surprised to see such a difference so quick, but I was still a little skeptical!  After all, I was using a brand new product and of course it's supposed to show a difference right?

Week 5!


I had no clue how yellow my 'before' teeth were until I compared them against this photo!  Wondering why no one ever told me!  

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