Mimi Wright, Owner M. Wright Group, LLC


A freelance project manager for more than 20 years, helping others with a variety of projects/tasks related to small business assistance, and event coordinating/planning.  After much thought and encouragement by loved ones, she made the decision to use her skills and resources to build a business of her own.  M Wright Group made its debut in 2015 and has continued to flourish as an up and coming minority-owned business.  

Among other contributions to the Group, Mimi's primary role focuses on self-publishing assistance and establishing an online presence for independent authors.  In 2016, Mimi successfully published her first book.

This was no easy task as, she was asked to complete this project with no formal training in publishing, limited financial resources and minimal assistance from the author who is an inmate at a federal prison. Her only access to him was via e-mail, snail-mail, 15-minute phone calls and a 6 hour behind the federal prison gates in-person visit every 2-3 years.   

She took on this project knowing she’d have to come up with creative ways to publish and market the book with no physical assistance from the author. They couldn’t do meet & greets, author readings, book tours, signings or photo-ops. All the basic requirements for any successful book promotion. This didn’t stop her!

After taking 2 years to learn what she could about self-publishing, creatively collaborating with friends and family, gathering the information and resources she needed to complete the project... “Voice For The Silent Fathers: A Memoir” by author Eddie K. Wright was successfully published in June 2016.

Not only was the book published, she established his online presence as an author with a website, FB page, Goodreads and Amazon Author pages and more. She created a book trailer that was narrated by the author himself, arranged multiple phone interviews and a held a very dynamic and interactive book launch event.

Later the same year, she published the author's 2nd book, was hired by another author and successfully published her first children’s book.

Mimi has since been hired by up and coming authors to help them publish their books and/or to establish their mark on the World Wide Web as an author.  

She is also an experienced event planner, coordinating events to accommodate groups of 10-400.

A mother of 3 boys, including 2 in college, living in Southern California, this New York native is an active member of her community with a heart for helping others. A fun fact about Mimi is that she’s been a Licensed Zumba Instructor since 2013 and teaches in San Diego and Riverside.

Our Partners: Expanding Our Reach

Gail Holmes, Owner, VIP Travel Lifestyles


Gail epitomizes integrity, determination, and service in providing premier “Owner Access” to vacation clubs in Mexico and the Dominican Republic to non-members at owner rates.    

Gail started her career in conceptual sales over 20 years ago, selling membership for the Girl Scouts of the United States of America providing premiere access to girl and adult membership programs that make history today and build a better world for tomorrow.  She has continued expanding a successful career in marketing and has a diverse sales background in both the retail and nonprofit industries.   

Gail is a family woman with a devotion to God, her loving husband, and children.  A traveler by nature, she enjoys exploring the world and meeting people, learning and experiencing the best of all the world has to offer. She fell in love with Mexico and the Dominican Republic because of the incomparable, unexplored beaches and exotic tropical environment.  She has enjoyed making the best of private luxury owner vacation club experiences available to the public.   Her focus is making these high-end properties attainable to those without ownership access believing everyone deserves luxury. 

Knowing that special things happen when you can detach, and get away from the daily grind, Gail hopes to provide opportunities to strengthen family relationships, vitalize passion for life, and fun through the magic of travel.     

She looks forward to meeting your future travel needs.    

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Kevin Jackson, Owner K. Jackson Trucking, LLC


Kevin is a family man, business owner, and fisherman to the bone. 

Born in Tampa Bay FL, Kevin moved to East San Diego in 1986. He graduated from Grossmont College with a degree in Business Management. Established in 2007, K. Jackson Trucking, LLC has grown to become one of San Diego’s leading moving company contractors, even earning Ace Relocation Systems PACE Setter acknowledgement in May 2016. Kevin is a mentor to those who want to learn about starting and maintaining their own business. He is also committed to entrepreneurship, educating himself and others on Black History and issues that affect the Black community. 

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Christopher Parks, Owner, Parks International Enterprises, LLC


A true visionary, Chris, determined to pass a legacy on to his children, is the man behind both World Tuned Radio and Global City Media Center.   He’s an active member of the community, committed to providing the opportunity for artists of all mediums to share their talents with the world via a 24/7 internet radio station, state-of-the-art recording studio and event event venue.  Chris also has a desire to teach others about entrepreneurship and how to be financially responsible in order to secure stability for the future. 

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